The Prada Handbags are worth their costs

You make a actual fashion statement by having Prada designer handbags.

Everyone wants to personal at the least one designer bag. Designer handbags expense plenty of dollars. Countless females want to buy a Prada designer handbag. The issue is the fact that the bags are too pricey. You threat little by purchasing a Prada handbag. The good quality of the Prada handbags is greater than worth the cash you devote on them. Their unique motifs are classic and normally trendy. Girls have to find the right handbag for them. It’s essential to select wisely the handbag that’s in accordance with your life style. There may be all sorts of explanation for the acquire of a Prada handbag. The pricey designer handbag lasts for a lot of years, if you look after it.

The Prada handbags will be identified simply in one of the Prada outlet.

To save time for its shoppers Prada offers the solutions of online outlets. Females often try to fit their designer bags towards the outfits they personal. Every single season the designs of the bags will differ. One can find consistently classic motifs within the style of the new season. The Prada handbag is often a statement of its personal. The Prada bags are symbols of great taste. It makes you feel alot more confident and safe. The Prada handbags might be utilized in numerous circumstances. Ladies are inclined to combine their bags with the majority of their outfits. It is not an easy issue to find the proper handbag for the needs. There are a number of bag designs.


It’s usual for girls searching for a specific kind of bags.

The Prada handbags are colorful and produced from diverse materials. It can be necessary to understand the purpose of the bag up front. Prada presents an ample assortment of handbags. The handbags are the Prada most popular accessory. Ladies have to have greater than one designer handbag to match their outfits. It tends to make it probable to have always a matching bag. The logo of the handbag is known as a symbol of style. The top quality of the Prada handbags is exceptional. There’s lots of aspects that affect the choice of the females once they shop for handbags. In most cases, ladies decide bags that match their lifestyle.


Clientele get pleasure from purchasing inside the Prada outlets due to their different atmosphere.

They attract women’s focus and handle to maintain it. Girls are enticed by the painted Prada bags. There is a connection amongst the designer bags plus the character of the ladies that buys them. The bags display the fashion taste of the particular person who carries them. The Prada handbags are symbols of larger status. The Prada handbags are an extremely pricey investment. They are the top-selling designer bags in the planet. Therefore, they’re some firms that make copies of the brand. There are actually approaches to find out when the bag you are buying is original. It really is far better to get them from a Prada outlet. In the event the bag is economical it truly is very likely a fake Prada.

Prada Handbags and Hermes Bags – Saffiano, Birkin Bag, Kelly Bag

Prada Handbags and Hermes Bags – Saffiano, Birkin Bag, Kelly Bag

Hermes Birkin Bag vs Hermes Kelly Bag

There are choices in life that we can choose from easily. For example, you can easily decide between caffeinated and decaf for your morning cup of coffee. However, there are choices that are pretty much the same that you’ll have a hard time deciding which one to choose.

If you’re in the market for your very first Hermes bag, you have this dilemma. Which one are you going to choose – a Hermes Kelly bag or a Hermes Birkin bag? There’s really no clear-cut choice and this is why it’s pretty hard to make a decision.

Why is it Hard to Make a Choice?

Both bags are made by Hermes. This means that you can’t really go wrong with either one. However, you don’t want to be “not wrong”. You want to be right. There’s a good chance that it’s going to be your first significant investment as far as bags are concerned so you don’t want to have regrets later on.

For you to make the right choice, you have to know more about each option.

About the Hermes Kelly Bag

The Kelly, named after Grace Kelly who was a Princess of Monaco, is understandably more formal. The bag has gone a long way from when Princess Grace Kelly used the bag to hide her baby bump from overzealous paparazzi.

Generally speaking, older women tend to choose the Kelly over the Hermes Birkin. If you consider yourself as a very sure woman with a clear and high stature in the community, then the Kelly will be the perfect bag for you. It should show that you have a good background which includes money. Also, it will show you as an educated woman.

The Hermes Kelly has one handle located at the top of the bag. If you prefer to carry it using your shoulder, it also comes with a strap. On the downside, the flap of the opening should be always closed so that you won’t strain the single handle.

About the Hermes Birkin Bag

The younger women tend to gravitate towards the Birkin. These are the women in designer jeans and pumps.

It’s also a popular choice for the sporty type especially since it’s more casual. It’s like a very expensive tote bag as its users tend to “throw everything in”. It’s the “grab and go” bag of the elite.

Unlike the Hermes Kelly, the Hermes Birkin has two straps. It’s usually carried by hand or forearm. It also has a more accessible opening which is why it’s popular among women who are always on the go.

Which One should You Choose?

Again, you can’t go wrong with either one. However, it’s a good idea to base your decision on your stature and lifestyle. If you’re an older and more accomplished woman, a Hermes Kelly is the perfect bag for you. But if you live your life on the fast lane as a young, casual and successful woman, then the Hermes Birkin will serve you well.


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Hermes Bags – What Makes them so Expensive but Worth it ?

Are you in the market for your very first Hermes bags?

If yes, you’re probably having a hard time making the purchase. After all, it’s a significant investment especially if you’re buying more than one. Just in case you don’t know yet, a Hermes bag can go anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000,000. This is why you’re having second thoughts. Let’s face it. They’re very expensive.

Why are They so Expensive?

You’ll have an easier time making the purchase if you understand why they’re so expensive.

This will help you realize why these bags are worth it.

Here are the things that make them expensive:

  • These bags are a status symbol.

It may sound unfair, but only a few people can afford Hermes bags. This is why if you can afford to buy one, then you’re one of the few people who can afford it. This immediately gives your status a boost.

Attend a party holding a Hermes bag and expect to receive quite a lot of stares. This is because as far as bags are concerned, you’re holding the ultimate status symbol. You’re not just paying for the bag. You’re also paying for the status symbol of affluence that comes with it.


  • They’re made from real crocodile leather.

Catching a crocodile for the bags is already a challenge. You also have to consider that the crocodile’s skin should be untainted which means that only a very small percentage of crocodiles has what it takes to be perfect for Hermes bags. Crocodiles live roughly which means that most of them have bites and scar marks on their skin.


  • They’re not made in a sweat shop by people getting paid less than a dollar an hour.

The craftsmen making the bags are highly-skilled. If not for the fact that they’re very well-compensated, they could be making a name making their own bags. You can be sure that these bags are made by people who really know what they’re doing.


  • They have one-of-a-kind designs.

The company hires top-notch designers to design the Hermes bags. They don’t try to save when hiring designers. You can be sure that the bag that you’re going to own was designed by a world-class designer.

  • They’re not mass-produced.

Unlike mass-produced bags, these bags of Hermes took a long time to be produced from the design process until they’re packed. With the slow production process, only a few bags are put out in the market. With the little supply and the high demand, the price is understandably high.

On that note, the chance of you bumping into someone with the exact same bag is slim to none, unless of course you’ll be walking down the red carpet at a VIP event.

  • They’re made to last.

Hermes bags are extremely high in quality. They’re meant to be passed on to the next generation. You’re not just buying a bag that you’re going to use for the next couple of years. You’re buying a bag that you can use your whole life.

Now that you know why Hermes bags are worth it, it’s time for you to make that decision to make your first purchase.

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A Complete Guide to Prada Handbags

Prada handbags became one of the most sought after brands because of the brand’s quality, versatility, and glamorous designs. You can easily find a lot of women flocking a Prada outlet so they can check out the best Prada bags.

About Prada

Prada was first introduced in 1913 by brothers Martino and Mario in Milan, Italy. It started as a manufacturer of leather goods and accessories made using the skins of walruses and alligators. Soon after its launch, because of its quality and uniqueness, Prada became one of the most sought after brands worldwide.

In 1977, when Miuccia, the granddaughter of Mario, took over the company, it developed into a much bigger network, now selling fashionable luggages and handbags. Just a year after, Prada accessories made its debut in Vogue, followed by the bags, footwear, clothing line, and more. More and more Prada outlets were built in different parts of the world, and the rest is history.

Popular Prada Handbags

  • Prada Caramel Leather Tote 

This has rich colors that help produce an exquisite and a graceful bag for women. It is rectangular in shape with a front, zippered pocket. It has a gold colored logo along its side, giving it a more sophisticated look and finish.

  • Prada Black Designer Hobo Handbag

This product is made using nylon and black leather. Women like this a lot because it has a shoulder strap that can be adjusted for more comfort. It is rectangular in shape with a softly coiled top. It is colored silver and has a zipper pocket on the inside. With its triangular logo embossed ornament on the front, everyone would surely be swayed to buy one.

  • Prada Black Nylon Pocket Designer Messenger Bag

This is perfect for women who are always on the go. Whether you are busy with work or travel, this bag can contain all your belongings while keeping you in style. You can safely put your documents on its front flap. It is made from nylon with accents like buckle and leather strap. Do you need a shoulder or cross body wear bag? No problem! This Prada messenger bag can suit all your needs.


Prada bags are a wonderful and unique extension of one’s personality. One important consideration is of course the cost. You are sure to find sellers that offer cheaper prices, but are the products authentic? To be sure that you will get authentic Prada bags, visit popular online shops and a Prada outlet that are proven to sell high quality bags.

Quality and Authenticity

Craftsmanship of authentic Prada bags in undeniable. All Prada products are made from antique brass and rarely with metal tags inside. There’s no need to worry about rusting. Also, Prada logos are imprinted all throughout the lining.

Common materials used by Prada designers include velvet, fine leather, and finest cotton. Authentic products always smell good. Stitches are aligned, not crooked, and pleasantly done. The seams are not visible.

Check for authenticity card and dust bag. All Prada items would not go without these two. The number of the card should be the same with the number inside the bag. Check the logo and the way letters are embossed.


Prada Outlet Shopping – How to Spot Authentic Prada Bags

Every woman is familiar and in love with Prada bags. Hours are being spent at the Prada outlet to get the perfect bag that they’ll cherish for the rest of their life especially since these bags can really last a lifetime. The problem with the hunt for elusive items is that you can stumble upon replicas, and for sure you would not want to spend lots of money for fake items.

To easily solve this problem, you have to know the basics when it comes to spotting authentic Prada bags. Don’t be outsmarted by scammers. Check reviews and records. Be informed and updated.  Visit trustworthy stores and sites selling Prada handbags so you can really see for yourself how authentic bags look.

Start With the Interior and Work Your Way Out

Authentic Prada handbags have their brand name imprinted all throughout the lining. Note the correct spelling. You have to know that while the majority of Prada handbags have its name stamped in the item, there will always be exceptions.

Products with suede, leather, and nylon interiors do not have this feature. This is a common mistake among replicas. So be sure you take a good look at the interior of the bag and know the kind of material to know if there should be writing or not.

Prada Logo

There are specific details on Prada bag logos that will help you differentiate authentics from fake ones. All letters should be capitalized. The letter “R” should have a deeper curve than the usual and the “A” must be thicker on the right side with a long, protruding tip on its way up.

This may sound a little bit confusing, but after seeing many products at a trusted Prada outlet, you would get a feel of how the logo should look like. Logos must be present on the emblem tag inside the purse. All authentic Prada bags have it.


Authentic Prada bags are very popular for their quality. Every item is meticulously manufactured using hardy materials that can truly last a lifetime, including metals. Zippers won’t hang up. Stitches are properly aligned. Prada crafts products in a durable and sophisticated manner!

Authenticity Card and Dust Bag

The final and the most important features of authentic Prada bags are the authenticity card and dust bag. Every item made by Prada will have a serial number, card, and the name enclosed in a black envelope. The bag will be packaged in a signature Prada white dust bag that has a black logo on it.

These are just three basic information to help you spot the best and 100% authentic Prada handbags. Use these easy tips to help spot, and weed out fake products. Hopefully, these can save you more time and money.


Must-have Designer Bags Spring Summer 2014

In the fashion world, classical style is often the symbol of luxury brand, and the carrier that spreads word-of-mouth and has the most powerful value. For fashion designer brands, a type of classical bag is usually consumers’ most recognized and favored one, and the most popular product in market. Certainly, fashion trend changes at very moment. Even if it is classic, it isn’t constant. Brand designers in recent years seem to seek for breakthrough for they don’t want to be tied in certain classical framework, and most of their inspirations are assigned to design and creation of new products. Whereupon the most influential style of the season will become focus worthy of attention. Prada face embossedare tote and burberry prorsum textured canvas are the most notable style of this season. There is nothing wrong with liking classics, but if you want to be a senior fashion lover, you also have to master trends. Now, let’s warm up the latest and most fashionable spring and summer style of various designer brands to catch up with the new round of fashion trend.

Featured Bags :

  • Burberry Prorsum Textured Canvas Bag
  • Prada Double Bag
  • Tod’s Sella Small Bowber Bag
  • Celine Eyelet Ring
  • Chanel Boy Bag
  • Chanel Rainbow Flap
  • Chloe Clare Calf Square Handbag
  • Chloe Fold-over Baylee Bag
  • Dior Shiny Python Tote
  • Fendi Peekaboo Studded Bag
  • Fendi Women’s Bag SS 2014
  • Gucci Bamboo Tote
  • Louis Vuitton NN14 Series
  • Prada face embossedare tote